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Soldier Who Died in Texas Tests Negative for Ebola

A second, “more conclusive” test on a Fort Hood, Texas, soldier found dead less than a week after returning from West Africa showed no presence of the Ebola virus, base officials said in a Tuesday night news release. The man, whose name has not been released, was found Tuesday outside his residence in nearby Killeen. Local and military police initially blocked off the area and donned┬áhazardous-material suits, but Army medical officials...

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Fort Hood soldier back from West Africa found dead

A Fort Hood soldier who had just returned from West Africa was found dead Tuesday outside his off-post residence. It wasn’t clear how the 24-year-old GI, who was not identified by name, had died but there were no outward signs that he took his own life or was a victim of violence, said Killeen police spokeswoman Carroll Smith. Tyler Broadway, a Fort Hood spokesman, said he was not sure if his death was connected to the Ebola virus. A Killeen...

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