The Impact Of Ebola On Government

Ebola is a deadly disease that kills not only people, but the Governments that have Ebola outbreaks. This highly contagious disease affects the politics in Uganda and Zaire, just as much as the victims.

On top of Uganda and Zaire the United States Government is also affected as we have had 3 cases of Ebola here and just because we have only had 3 cases doesn’t mean we are safe. This is a highly contagious disease and we haven’t stopped people from traveling to the United States which can cause an epidemic here.

In order to control the epidemic the branches of government have to work together to control the epidemic and its spread throughout the cities.

Within the branches, there are the officials, agents, and politicians, all of them want progress reports in the advances of medicines, that result in costing the government more money to find a cure to the disease.

If there is an Ebola outbreak in the United States the Government has the responsibility to create facilities that the sick can go to, hospitals and first aid volunteers, which reflects heavily on the possibility that any of the workers and volunteers could get the disease. This results in loss of jobs and money in the communities.

Uganda and Zaire suffer from the money loss, mainly because of Ebola, there are no tourists from which the country gets its high revenue, to visit. In Uganda, public transportation is beginning to be banned for risk of spreading the contagion, just like the public gatherings, which are being highly encouraged by officials to be avoided.

This will happen in the United States as well if there is a breakout of the Ebola Virus.

All interaction within the public is dangerous to the government for the possibility of spreading. Also, Zaire has banned any transportation out of the country so the disease is not further spread to the world. The United States government should be doing the same things.

Other countries refuse to have any involvement with Uganda and Zaire, so they are left with little trading partners and no help from other governments in their crisis. All of the countries are also afraid.

Do those facts worry you? This means this can happen here and our Government does not know what to do and we could lose revenue from tourism and also being able to travel to other countries will be shut down. Plus, the cost of creating facilities to house the sick as well as getting people to volunteer at these facilities will be incredibly hard as they are not going to want to risk their lives by contracting the Ebola virus themselves.

These facts could cause an entire Government shutdown as trade with other countries will stop as well. We will be left to fend for ourselves, and let’s be honest our Government Branches do not work well together. If an Ebola outbreak happens here there will be fighting over what to do and not taking immediate action to stop the outbreak.