General Emergency Preparedness

If there is an Ebola pandemic alert, here is a list of suggestions for you and your family to follow. Mind you this list goes to extreme measures, but you will need to take extreme measures to survive a pandemic.

Following is a list will help you survive an Ebola pandemic:

  • Stock up on supplies, now while they are still available

  • Take Probiotics. Improve your intestinal flora now before an Ebola pandemic. Have plenty of probiotics on hand and increase your intake of probiotics in supplements and in the foods you eat, like yogurts.

  • Eat well, including a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Reduce your dependency on antibiotics. Antibiotics are over-used in the United States and this compounds the problem of adaptive micro-organisms which are a leading cause of pandemics.

  • Don’t touch stuff others touch. Avoid as much as possible contact with pencils and pens, elevator buttons, doorknobs, coins, handrails and places where many other hands have touched.

  • Avoid shaking hands. During an Ebola pandemic tell others that you’re not shaking hands. Don’t worry about being rude: it’s your life!

  • Wash hands frequently. Before eating and after having been out and about, make it a routine to wash your hands with warm hot water and clean under the fingernails.

  • Minimize the sneezes and coughs. Cover your mouth when you sneeze to avoid spreading droplets to your family and friends. Turn your body away from someone coughing or sneezing. Again, don’t worry about being rude.

  • Avoid touching your face this included your eyes, nose and mouth. Humans tend to touch their face six more times every few minutes. You need to make it a habit to not touch your face.

  • Stay away from people. Just stay home during an extreme outbreak. Don’t send the kids to school. Don’t go to work.

  • Quarantine Your Family: Set up a quarantine room if you suspect a family member is sick during a pandemic outbreak. For starters, you’ll need duct tape and plastic shielding. Keep a record of diarrhea, vomiting, coughing and breathing problems and high fevers of anyone in your care, so that you can report to medical staff if necessary.

  • Expect disruptions in power and water! As people stop showing up for work, the mechanics behind the grid will weaken and may eventually fail. You may as well expect the unexpected!

These are just a few suggestions on how to survive an Ebola Pandemic. You can protect yourself from a pandemic if you follow the steps we mentioned above. You don’t need to live in fear of Ebola, you just need to protect yourself and your family.