Natural Remedy Ideas For Ebola

Despite what you have been told about Ebola it can be destroyed naturally. Up to today there is not a single virus that has been tested that is not killed by a large dose of vitamin C.

Another natural remedy is cannabis which several doctors have stated that it could be a cure because the Ebola virus affects the body the same way that the HIV virus does and Cannabis has been proven to help HIV patients and prevent HIV from turning into AIDS.

Many other antioxidants have similar effects, but vitamin C has the greatest potency, as its simple chemical structure allows for it to be easily be spread throughout the body with little restrictions.

Understandably, there are no trials yet testing vitamin C against the Ebola virus, either in the test-tube or real life. As most Dr’s and Scientist believe that the only cure is a vaccine and that is what they are focusing on. The most likely vaccines involve the injection of large amounts of anti-Ebola antibodies. The few labs that do have access to testing Ebola are unlikely to be testing the effects of vitamin C on Ebola any time soon.

However, there are many good reasons to consider that Vitamin C would be very helpful in the right doses. There are top medical vitamin C experts believe that it could help. As amazing as this may sound there is no virus yet investigated that a sustained high dose of vitamin C, given intravenously, or in high and continuous oral doses, hasn’t killed off or substantially suppressed.

There are many potential reasons why high dose vitamin C makes a lot of sense in the treatment of Ebola. Viral infection is known to generate oxidative stress, which could be eradicated by vitamin C. Also, vitamin C has been shown to inhibit viral replication in vitro. And we know that in vitro with very high doses of vitamin C generate hydrogen peroxide which has antimicrobial actions, but you would probably need intravenous vitamin C, or at least extremely high oral intake, to induce this effect on curing Ebola.