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Johns Hopkins team wins award for improved Ebola suit

Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design and Jhpiego (Washington Post) For health-care workers taking care of Ebola patients in West Africa, one of the biggest logistical problems has been the “moon suits” they must wear to protect against being infected by the deadly virus. The suits are hot. Taking them off is a meticulous, multistep process that can leave no room for error. Now, a protective ebola suit designed...

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Johns Hopkins-Jhpiego Win US Award for Improved Protective Suit to Combat Ebola

An advanced protective suit for healthcare workers who treat Ebola patients, devised by a Johns Hopkins team, has been selected as a winning design in a global competition aimed at quickly getting new tools into the field to combat Ebola, this deadly disease. The Johns Hopkins prototype suit was developed in partnership with Jhpiego, an international health non-profit and university affiliate, and designed to provide improved protection to keep...

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