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Measles Cases Predicted to Almost Double in Ebola Epidemic Countries

An international study involving the University of Southampton suggests there could be a rise in measles cases of 100,000 across the three countries most affected by the Ebola epidemicĀ in West Africa due to health system disruptions. The research in the journal Science, led by Princeton and Johns Hopkins University in the USA, predicts that the size of a measles outbreak will increase from 127,000 at the start of the Ebola epidemic in early 2014,...

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Measles Outbreak: Unvaccinated Visitors Told to Avoid Disneyland

Forty-nine of the 66 confirmed cases of measles have been traced back to the resort. There’s an outbreak of measles linked to the theme park, and one of California’s top public health officials recommended that children under 12 months and people who’ve never had a measles vaccination stay away from the park while the disease event continues. Dr. Gil Chavez, deputy director of the state’s Center for Infectious Diseases,...

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