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US Healthcare Worker With Ebola in Serious Condition at NIH

The NIH said the health-care worker was admitted at 4:44 a.m. Friday to its high-containment facility on its Bethesda, Md., campus, after being evacuated to the U.S. by chartered jet. Physicians have evaluated the patient with Ebola virus disease and have determined that the patient’s condition is serious. No additional details about the patient are being shared at this time. The patient has been admitted to the NIH Clinical Center’s Special Clinical...

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Asian Herb Holds Promise as Treatment for Ebola Virus Disease

New research that focuses on the mechanism by which Ebola virus infects a cell and the discovery of a promising drug therapy candidate is being published February 27, 2015, in the journal Science. Dr. Robert Davey, scientist and Ewing Halsell Scholar in the Department of Immunology and Virology at Texas Biomedical Research Institute announced today that a small molecule called Tetrandrine derived from an Asian herb has shown to be a potent small...

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The Course of Ebola Virus Disease

When a glycoprotein in the Ebola virus envelope binds to a receptor on an antigen-presenting cell, the activated cell goes right to a lymph node and “presents” the antigen (the virus) to cells in the immune system. Thus, like the AIDS virus, Ebola begins by attacking the body’s defenders. Then as it spreads through the body, it also attacks endothelial cells (the lining of blood vessels), liver cells, and many other cells. Cells that are most seriously...

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