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North Korea lifts Ebola caused travel ban

North Korea has lifted severe restrictions on foreign travel it imposed last year to keep the Ebola virus from crossing its borders, although North Korea is thousands of miles from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The already isolated country virtually closed its borders to foreigners last October, halting all non-essential visas and requiring those few foreigners allowed in to undergo three weeks of quarantine. The rules applied to diplomats,...

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Unethical Ebola Quarantines May Encourage People to Lie about Travel to West Africa

“Who is going to want to go from the United States to help in West Africa knowing they are going to be in prison for three weeks when they get back?” asks Dr. Craig Klugman, professor and chair of Health Sciences, College of Science and Health. Klugman is a bioethicist and medical anthropologist who researches death and dying. “Probably very few people…” Klugman is also concerned that strict, unethical quarantine procedures...

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