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Experimental drug for Scottish Nurse battling Ebola

(BBC NEWS) Specialists at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, where the nurse is being treated, did not name the drug. Dr Michael Jacobs said Ms Cafferkey was in isolation and was sitting up in bed, talking and reading. As the disease has no known cure and is unpredictable, Dr Jacobs said they would know more in a week’s time. He said Ms Cafferkey had agreed to all the treatments and her family had been to see her. “She’s a...

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Increased Use of Ebola Survivors Could Turn the Tide In the Fight Against the Epidemic in West Africa

The increased use of Ebola survivors could be the turning point in the fight against the epidemic in West Africa and reducing it. At least two emergency physicians Joshua Epstein and Lauren Sauer from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland are convinced. While hundreds of foreign volunteers are in the affected countries, they emphasize in the journal “Nature” that Ebola survivors, who are most likely immune to the disease...

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Liberia treating Ebola patients with serum made from blood of survivors

Liberia has begun treating Ebola patients with serum therapy – a treatment made from the blood of recovered survivors. Doctors hope the experimental treatment could help combat the virus that has been sweeping West Africa and killing thousands of people. Up to 13 December, 6,841 people had been reported as having died from the disease. The total number of reported cases is more than 18,000. If a person has successfully fought off the infection,...

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