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Where did the Ebola Virus come from?

WHERE DID THE EBOLA VIRUS COME FROM?   Ebola is one of about 177 pathogens that are considered to be newly emerging diseases. These diseases are generally zoonotic diseases.  Animal diseases that have jumped species. A familiar example of a zoonotic disease is measles, which is derived from dog distemper.   For the past thirty years, forty-one previously unrecognized human infectious diseases have jumped from their normal animal hosts to human...

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Malawi Floods Cut Off Thousands from Aid

The authorities in Malawi say at least 170 people have died in flash floods – a sharp rise on previous figures. Heavy rain over the past month has swept many houses away and caused residents to flee to higher ground, some crossing the border to Mozambique. Vice-President Saulos Chilima said more than 100,000 people had been displaced from their homes, mostly in the south. Earlier this week, the government declared a third of the country to...

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Ebola in West Africa – The Deadly Virus is Still Undefeated

In Sierra Leone, the cheerful new year’s Eve celebrations on the beaches failed this year in the face of the Ebola epidemic. Instead, President Ernest Koroma urged people to stay at home and pray for the end of the fight against the virus in the new year. It’s not certain whether the worst Ebola outbreak in history can actually be defeated by the of 2015. In Liberia, the spread of the virus seems to be slowing down, while no improvement...

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