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New Ebola Study Points to Potential Drug Target

Opening the door to potential treatments for the deadly Ebola virus, scientists have found that a protein made by the virus plays a role similar to that of a coat-check attendant. The protein removes a protective coat from the virus’s genetic material, exposing the viral genome so that it can be copied, and then returns the coat, according to a new study led by scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The research, in...

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Ebola Drugs Could be Obsolete Before They’re Available

New treatments for Ebola could be obsolete before they are available for use by patients, because of genetic mutations in the disease, scientists have warned. They said they’d found 10 new mutations that might interfere with how three of the most advanced drugs work against Ebola. The drugs, including the experimental ZMapp given to several Ebola survivors, should be tested against the current strain, the researchers said. Experimental drugs...

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