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The Course of Ebola Virus Disease

When a glycoprotein in the Ebola virus envelope binds to a receptor on an antigen-presenting cell, the activated cell goes right to a lymph node and “presents” the antigen (the virus) to cells in the immune system. Thus, like the AIDS virus, Ebola begins by attacking the body’s defenders. Then as it spreads through the body, it also attacks endothelial cells (the lining of blood vessels), liver cells, and many other cells. Cells that are most seriously...

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Containing The Ebola Epidemic – Or Not

Standard public health measures for dealing with infectious disease epidemics have long been known. The mainstays are quarantine and contact tracing. These are obviously easier and more effective when there are very few cases. Apparently, neither hospitals nor individuals have adhered to CDC guidelines. Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas discharged the index Ebola patient despite his travel history. Allegedly, the patient was not entirely honest...

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