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2 Ebola Patients = 3,000 Pounds of Medical Waste

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta – Ebola was a practice run. We may see more cases in this country, but we know now that our public health system can contain it. SARS was also a practice run. So was bird flu. None turned into the pandemic we feared. But health experts agree that one day we will be confronted with a dangerous infectious disease that we cannot contain. Are we ready for it? Jay Varkey, MD, is a specialist in infectious diseases at Emory...

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One of Sierra Leone’s head doctors dies of Ebola

Dec 18 (Reuters) – One of Sierra Leone’s leading doctors died of Ebola on Thursday, hours after the arrival in the country of an experimental drug that could have been used to treat him, the chief medical officer said. Victor Willoughby was diagnosed with Ebola last week after he treated a man with organ-related problems. The patient, a senior banker, was later diagnosed with Ebola and has since died. The drug, ZMab, was transported...

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Doctor cured of Ebola will return to Liberia

(BOSTON) — A Massachusetts doctor cured of Ebola said Tuesday that he’s returning to Liberia, the West African country where he contracted the virus, in January to resume working at a medical mission. Dr. Richard Sacra said that he plans to spend four weeks at ELWA Hospital, a clinic outside Monrovia where he had contracted the deadly virus in August. Sacra spent weeks in treatment at an Omaha, Nebraska, hospital before returning home on Sept....

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