Africa Cup of Nations – Ebola Checks at Gates of AFCON 2015

Ebola screening system at the Africa Cup of Nations games in Equatorial Guinea. All supporters have a temperature check – with those above 38 °C  not allowed in – and must then use a hand-sanitization gel before entering the stadium. All players and visitors to the Africa Cup of Nations are required to be tested for Ebola upon their arrival in Equatorial Guinea.

The tournament was set to be staged in Morocco, who won the competition from DR Congo and South Africa to become the host nation. However, Morocco pulled out of hosting the tournament in November amid fears about the Ebola disease. The African football governing body CAF disqualified Morocco from playing in the tournament, which was awarded to Equatorial Guinea in November 2014. Guinea’s team is the only participant from a country where Ebola is still a problem. (BBC Sports)

Africa’s Soccer Tournament Takes Guinea’s Mind Off Ebola

Red, green and gold – Guinea’s national colors — filled the streets of the capital, Conakry, early this morning. Guineans of all ages proudly wore the colors on their T-shirts, headbands, dresses and shorts. Children, with their cheeks and forehead painted, ran around the street cheering, blowing whistles and waving their nation’s flags.

But by 3 p.m. the streets were dead.

Offices and businesses closed early — so that people could watch Guinea take on Ivory Coast in Africa’s premiere soccer competition, the Cup of Nations. Some went home while others headed to a nearby sports bar.

But you can’t quite get away from Ebola in Guinea. Excited fans chant,

FC Ebola, FC Ebola,

which translates to Ebola Football Club. They add in:

Ebola must go, Ebola must go!

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