Cuban Docs Most Under-Appreciated in the Fight Against Ebola

cubandoctorsTime magazine named the Ebola fighters as their person of the year, and while Americans came to know Dr. Jerry Brown, Dr. Kent Brantly and others by name … there is one group of those fighters who have gone largely unrecognized.

Cuban doctors.

They make less than $75 a month, but they are still Cuba‘s most valuable export.

“I am proud of you all, this is my team,” Dr. Juan Carlos told his team as they gathered around a prep area.

On the day ABC News joined them, they were in Liberia risking their lives like so many other physicians, entering the Ebola hot zone with a thumbs up from beneath their protective suits.

“In this time of need, we can’t say no,” Carlos said.

He is one of 250 Cuban doctors in Africa to treat Ebola. More than 20,000 volunteered.

Cuba uses its medical system to raise good will and cash. In Africa, the doctors are on a humanitarian mission, but Cuba exports its medical personnel to Venezuela in exchange for oil.

“We have no materials,” Carlos said. “[We] have very skilled and well-trained human power, resources, and that’s how to make capital. … We have made a lot in medical, sports, culture, so now we have the possibility to spread solidarity with our human resources.” (read more)